Some Facts About Bitumen

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What is bitumen? Although the term may not come as something of much familiarity, it is certain that you would have come across this at least for once in your lifetime. So, what is it? It is the viscous black mixture containing hydrocarbons that you’ve seen being used for road roofing and surfacing. These hydrocarbons are naturally obtained. This mixture includes water as well and will be in liquid form under room temperature. Until the material has been applied to the pavement or to the road, it is highly important that the water substance is not separated from it whatsoever. Following are some of the other facts that you might find interesting and new regarding bitumen.


It has an environmentally driven usage. The use of cold mix can be taken for reuse the road material which has been recycled already as the cold mix based on the emulsion of bitumen can be more effectively used with this recycled material better than the hot mix can. Surfaces infected with tar are usually treated with this substance on roads.


These are generally used for overlays and binder layers for all types of roads. This cold mix will be applied on the road using a paving machine and the roller hire plays a key role in the process of bitumen application for it determines how well it will work. With the use of special types of additives called NYREX and NYMIX, the water is separated from the mix, leaving the rest on the roads and pavements to dry.


Money is always an obstacle. Even if you decide to hire the machinery required to perform this task from earthmoving equipment companies, you will have to pre-plan and make sure that whatever decision made will fit your budget. Going beyond what you can afford is quite a risk as paying back with interest will not be as easy. Many seem to be investing in cold mix plants at present, unaware that the returns they generate are quite low. Therefore, keep this in mind before you taka that investment decision.

Other facts

Other useful facts include the transformation of the hot mix from the cold mix. Although you might not be aware of it, this process enables to reduce CO2 emissions to the environment while reducing energy costs, making you a winner in the process.
Therefore, when you engage in these activities, there is much to learn before just proceeding with the processes. First gain the appropriate knowledge on it; do some research online, pick the best hiring companies, learn best mixing methods and proceed with it.