Make Technology A Friend: Integrating Technology And Farming

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Nowadays all large scale farms use technology to harvest their crops, service their animals etc. otherwise they would never be able to get the amount of produce and products they require for the market. However, many farmers are still a bit hesitant when it comes to using technology much beyond that, fearing that it may take over what is supposed to be a fairly organic and simple way of life. Here are some ways in which you can integrate technology and farming without cutting into the hands-on processes too much.

Use the Internet to Source Supplies
Rather than looking in magazines and newspapers (which can take days or weeks) you could join an internet forum or simply log onto a website that specializes in sourcing supplies for farmers. There are plenty of ‘buy and sell’ sites that have everything from cattle feed to dorper sheep for sale. You can find equipment, livestock, produce, feed and all manner of other things you want to buy or sell online. Not only will it speed up the process, it will also open up a space in which you can peddle your own wares.

Cut Out the Middleman
In many transactions, it is the middleman who gets the bigger cut. By using technology such as the internet, you can get rid of this entity and make a direct profit by, for example, putting your used tractors for sale. Instead of asking a broker to find you a buyer, all you need to do is list your equipment etc. on a site that will help an interested buyer contact you. This doesn’t just apply to your farming equipment; anything you want to sell and that can bring in cash can be sold through sites that will help you move your goods.

 Invest in Plant Technology
While everyone agrees that modified plants may not be good in the long run, there aren’t many alternatives that can help supply the demand today. Thus, farmers can make a bigger profit by keeping up with the latest trends in plant modification and applying to receive seeds that can outperform the old crops. A better yield translates to better profits, even if the overall price is lower. They are also created to be more resistant to pests and diseases thus minimizing the extra cost on pesticides and plant nutrients needed to safeguard the crop.

Use the Latest Equipment
With every new version, makers of farming equipment eliminate some problem that appeared in the earlier one and make it a little easier to use, and more efficient. Whether you are looking for electric shears or a new fork lift, don’t hesitate about buying the latest model. If you are going to spend some money, you might as well spend it on something that has been designed to provide maximum results with the least resistance.