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Super Swamper Tires
by Interco Tire

The Super Swamper TSL/BOGGER is built primarily for the professional mud bogger. The tire is versatile... D.O.T. approved and street legal... easy to modify for the cut, open, and pro stock classes. A new design for a new generation of competition performance. **TREAD DESIGN MAY DIFFER BY SIZE**

The Super Swamper TSL/SX was designed to take the abuse of extremely tough off road conditions where sidewall strength and protection is needed to withstand the severe scuffing from running in ruts and snagging roots and rocks. This tire has superior construction with a strong nylon or polyester bias ply body with dual belts under the tread and wrap-a-round lugs. The sidewall lugs not only protect the sidewall but also provide extra traction when climbing out of ruts.

The Super Swamper Radial is the most aggressive light truck tire ever developed. The TSL Radial gives your truck an aggressive look and considerable all-terrain ability while maintaining a comfortable ride. It is designed for a very smooth ride at surprisingly low noise level.

This TSL Narrow SS has the same aggressive, truly all-terrain tread pattern that gives the Super Swamper TSL series its bite. Only, the Narrow SS is even meaner. The Narrow Super Swampers offer a taller sidewall and narrow tread for digging deeper into rock, sand, mud or snow!

The Super Swamper TSL with the patented TSL tread design offers unsurpassed traction under the toughest of conditions. Nine years of developing and testing produced the ultimate tire tread design. Short, intermediate and long massive lugs are uniquely arranged, each proportioned and spaced to bite quickly and to self-clean rapidly. The overall design gives today's on-and-off-road driver a tire that is both directionally and laterally stable; unmatched in performance. This is an extremely aggressive design that requires strict attention to air pressure when run on the highway.

The SSR Series of Super Swamper Radial/TSL tires represents a leap forward in the technology of light truck radials. The SSR series is available in many OEM sizes for Sport Utility Vehicles and 4 Wheel Drive light trucks so drivers can experience the aggressive performance of Super Swampers without making expensive modifications to their vehicles. The design of the SSR incorporates a slightly tighter tread pattern, siping for wet pavement traction and icy conditions, greater sidewall protection with traction features and is quieter running.

The NEW TrXus Mud Terrain is INTERCO'S answer to the need of those who want a smooth, super quiet ride with tough, thick sidewalls with a chip and cut resistant compound. This tire has more siping than any other mud terrain on the market; which gives almost magical traction in icy snowy conditions and make this tire a serious rock climber. Each TrXus MT tire is made to individual specifications and is heavier and more robust than original equipment tires of comparable size.

The TrXus STS, the STS designation for "Three Stage Sidewall", is a new concept in all terrain tires. These tires are no substitute for the Super Swamper Boggers but a great tire for you if you spend a lot of time on the street. In addition to handling so well on the street the STS has great off road performance characteristics as well. The STS is at home in the rocks and excels in snow and sand. The TrXus STS sets a new standard for all around performance in the all terrain category.

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The Super Swamper LTBs are in the same basic Three Stage Lug design as the famous Super Swamper TSL’s, just more aggressive. The large lug is offset more to the outside which gives the tire superb traction. Bias-ply construction allows for more aggressive lugs and very strong sidewalls to better resist the rigors of hard off-roading. The bias construction reduces the chances of sidewall splitting when run off road at low air pressure. Plus, there are many sizes available that are not available in the regular TSL line.

The TSL/THORNBIRD is an amazingly versatile tire. The center highway contact patch is used on hard highway surfaces while the Three Stage Lugs on the sidewalls do not touch. When you get this tire down in the mud or snow the lugs provide the Thornbird with decisive traction. Fiberglass belts under the tread and polyester body plies contribute to a really smooth comfortable ride. The design comes close to being two tires in one... a revolutionary design that has earned its place in the ranks of Super Performance.

Many years of experience have gone into the IROK to develop a tire with traction that is ‘as good as it gets’ in mud, snow and rock climbing. The IROK has a directional tread in Super Swamper's famous Three Stage Lug design, scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, special sidewall features, extra tough cord and cut resistant compounds in a super traction package. IROK chews terrain up and spits it out!

The new Interco SS-M16 is a tire for all seasons. Several design features have been taken from our best performing all terrain and mud terrain tires. The SS-M16 is highway friendly and very quiet for a tire that has such good off road performance. It is an excellent tire that bridges the gap between the all-terrain and very aggressive off road tires and has a rugged design that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

The VorTrac design combines all of the features that make up a great all terrain tire. It has a tight tread pattern that is well supported toward the base of the pattern for good stability and long tread life. It has a lot of siping to provide traction in wet weather, snow and ice conditions. Some of the features are designed to prevent large stone retention. All of this is brought into a design that is smooth and quite running along with good looks that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

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The particular Super Swamper TSL/BOGGER can be built primarily with the professional off-road bogger. This tire can be versatile... D.O.T. approved along with street legitimate...easy to help modify with the cut, wide open, and professional player stock courses. A brand-new design for your new creation of opposition performance. **TREAD DESIGN VARIES BY SIZE**

The Super Swamper TSL/SX was which will take the particular abuse associated with extremely daunting off highway conditions when sidewall power and protection should be applied to resist the critical scuffing through running inside ruts as well as snagging root beginnings and bolders. This tire possesses superior construction using a strong nylon and also polyester tendency ply shape with double belts less than the stand and wrap-a-round lugs. The sidewall lugs not alone protect the particular sidewall but in addition provide more traction any time climbing outside of ruts.

The Super Swamper Radial is a most extreme light truck tire previously developed. The TSL Radial shows your truck a aggressive appearance and appreciable all-terrain power while maintaining an appropriate ride. It truly is designed for your very sleek ride from surprisingly decreased noise degree.

This TSL Narrow SS has exactly the same aggressive, truly all-terrain follow pattern which gives the Super Swamper TSL set its chunk. Only, this Narrow SS can be even meaner. The Narrow Super Swampers give you a taller sidewall in addition to narrow follow for searching deeper straight into rock, mud, mud or perhaps snow!

The Super Swamper TSL using the patented TSL follow design gives unsurpassed traction within the roughest of illnesses. Nine a lot of developing along with testing produced the best tire take design. Simple, intermediate along with long considerable lugs usually are uniquely negotiated, each proportioned along with spaced to help bite quickly also to self-clean immediately. The all round design shows today's on-and-off-road airport taxi driver a tire which is both directionally along with laterally firm; unmatched inside performance. This can be an extremely ambitious design that will requires tight attention in order to air force when run on the road.

The SSR Series connected with Super Swamper Radial/TSL tires symbolizes a rebound forward inside technology connected with light truck radials. The SSR series comes in many OEM measurements for Activity Utility Cars and 5 Wheel Commute light trucks therefore drivers can certainly experience that aggressive effectiveness of Super Swampers without having making high-priced modifications with their vehicles. The look of that SSR has a marginally tighter follow pattern, siping intended for wet sidewalk traction in addition to icy illnesses, greater sidewall security with traction features as well as being quieter going.

The modern TrXus Mud Geography is INTERCO'S reply to the need of these who wish a easy, super silent ride by using tough, thick sidewalls using a chip in addition to cut tolerant compound. This tire features more siping than any mud terrain available on the market; which shows almost enchanting traction around icy snowy circumstances and generate this tire a significant rock climber. Each TrXus MT tire manufactured to specific specifications and it is heavier and many more robust than oe tires regarding comparable dimensions. The TrXus STS, this STS name for "Three Step Sidewall", can be a new concept overall terrain tires. These tires usually are no replacement for the Super Swamper Boggers but a terrific tire available for you if spent lots of time on the actual street. As well as handling consequently well about the street that STS possesses great out of road operation characteristics in the process. The STS reaches home from the rocks along with excels within snow along with sand. The TrXus STS sets an innovative standard for all those around performance from the all geography category.

The Super Swamper LTBs come in the identical basic 3 Stage Carry design because famous Super Swamper TSL's, merely more ambitious. The huge lug can be offset more into the outside which shows the tire excellent traction. Bias-ply construction provides for more ambitious lugs and quite strong sidewalls that will better fight the rigors connected with hard off-roading. The error construction reduces it is likely of sidewall removing when operate off path at reduced air strain. Plus, there are plenty of sizes available which might be not obtainable in the standard TSL collection.

The TSL/THORNBIRD is definitely an amazingly functional tire. The middle highway phone patch is needed on daunting highway surfaces protected Three Cycle Lugs about the sidewalls will not touch. While you get this specific tire down from the mud and also snow the particular lugs found the Thornbird together with decisive traction. Fiberglass belts underneath the follow and polyester system plies help with a genuinely smooth secure ride. The look comes all over being 2 tires in a single...a new design which has earned the place from the ranks connected with Super Efficiency.

Years of experience include gone into your IROK to produce a tire along with traction that's 'as good while it gets' with mud, snowfall and are insane climbing. The IROK incorporates a directional follow in Super Swamper's well known Three Step Lug engineer, scooped lugs, edge and cast siping, specific sidewall attributes, extra daunting cord along with cut proof compounds inside a super traction package deal. IROK chews landscape up along with spits the item out!

The modern Interco SS-M16 is really a tire for all those seasons. Several style and design features are actually taken via our greatest performing just about all terrain plus mud surfaces tires. The SS-M16 will be highway pleasant and extremely quiet for just a tire which includes such excellent off roads performance. It truly is an outstanding tire that will bridges the particular gap involving the all-terrain plus very hostile off route tires and includes a rugged design that could enhance your appearance with any motor vehicle.

The VorTrac model combines all the features that define a excellent all geography tire. It's a small tread pattern which is well reinforced toward the actual base in the pattern once for all stability as well as long stand life. It has loads of siping to offer traction around wet climate, snow along with ice circumstances. Some belonging to the features are intended to keep large jewel retention. This is brought in to a design which is smooth plus quite running onto good looks that can enhance that appearance associated with any motor vehicle.
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