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General Tires
General Tires was designed and developer by some of the most skilled off-road racers we have ever seen. Over the past several years, we have seen many new mud tire industries, and General Tires has been learning from all of them. eneral Tires feature multi-angled sidewall protectors help prevent punctures which is an amazing feature to have on a tire, otherwise you will always have to be worried about this while going mudding, especially with new tires. These General Tires give you a little more peace because of this great feature. Another great thing about General Tires, is they are suited for all types of trucks and terrain. This means you will still get that smooth quite ride when driving down the highway, and you can be ready to take it off-road as-is. General Tires was founded in 1915. General Tires is part of Continental Tire North America, Inc.

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General Tires Grabber

General Tires Grabber AT2


General Tires feature strategically-placed sipes that result in many biting edges, which excel when taken off-road. General Tires structural integrity is exceptional, because they are made in segmented molds rather than two-piece molds, to ensure superior uniformity. General Tires ply structure and casing technology are designed to be extremely durable. Computer-optimized contouring gives General Tires a wider, flatter tread contour with a squared shoulder to prolong tread life.
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