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Dunlop Tires - Dunlop ATV Tires - Dunlop Street Tires
Among the earliest tire brands, Dunlop Tires promises quality and approval and remains current with improvements made to tires, PLUS it has the years of expertise to generate quality goods.
If you want to purchase some new tires for your ATV, then Dunlop should be on your top options. The manufacturer is one of the best in the world.

Dunlop Tires is a British company owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Dunlop manufactures tires for automobiles, motorcycles, ATV and all kind of vehicles.

Dunlop has developed a very wide range of tires for ATV. You can find a model for each ATV type, model and purpose. The Dunlop brand has been around since 1888 and the wide variety of tread patterns available have made the brand a popular choice in the OEM world. Dunlop's two main goals in developing the Quadmax were Superior handling in harsh conditions and excellent mud traction. They achieved this through the incorporation of a rigid case angle for a flatter profile while cornering, a five percent larger footprint for increased traction in all conditions, a notable reduction in tire weight – the front Quadmax is nearly two pounds lighter, while the rear is nearly five pounds lighter than a direct competitor. Also, a tread-block shape and pattern that allow for maximum straight-line and cornering ability, as well as mud-gripping traction and an advanced rubber tread compound that extends tread life and provides grip in both wet and dry conditions and finally, aggressive-looking tread-block design, wrap-around shoulder and sidewall elements. The Quadmax not only looks tough, but the combination of tread patterns and compounds used in manufacturing makes this tire act tough, too. The Quadmax's weight reduction over most performance tires reduces unsprung weight (the portion of a vehicle that is not supported by the suspension), which improves handling and acceleration. The construction will give an even, predictable side grip when cornering and a good grip in wet or dry conditions, all while improving the life of the tire's tread.
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